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Program Syllabus

How do you offer a program to fit everyone? We provide challenges and questions. We support and guide our class members, but we do not provide answers. We let the class come up with those.


LSC believes:

  • relationships matter
  • sustainable leadership skills can be taught – and can last a lifetime
  • these leadership lessons can be applied in any sector.

We often hear “LSC changed my life!” When our class members let themselves focus truly on leadership, they see how they can make a big difference. 



 Young Professionals Class of 2015-16 kick-off day

Young Professionals Class of 2015-16 kick-off day

  • Use an FIO (figure it out) approach to address a community challenge.
  • Strengthen tri-sector (business, government, non-profit) ability to communicate and collaborate.
  • Identify core leadership abilities.
  • Use curiosity when confronting challenges.
  • Examine complex challenges that require leadership.
  • Inspire teamwork and leverage strengths and talents of team members.
  • Use the tri-sector community as the sandbox to create a way to examine leadership, leaders, and how to build thriving companies, communities, and organizations.
  • Have fearless conversations to examine real issues.
  • Create new collaborations for the long term in the community.

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