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Leadership Snohomish County (LSC) is a nonprofit that connects, ignites and develops county-specific sustainable leaders to strengthen our communities. Each year, we help experienced and emerging leaders in Snohomish County gain an understanding of the critical issues affecting the region and the stewardship capabilities needed to resolve them. Through our nine-month Signature Program and Young Professionals Program, we work in small teams with the business, government and nonprofit sectors as Community Impact Project Partners. LSC features more than 700 alumni who remain strongly invested in Snohomish County.

Inspiration from Local Leaders

What defines a community? It's not always what you'd think.

Nominations are open!

Erika Olson

I felt extremely honored to be nominated.  I had heard great things about the program from a lot of my coworkers who had already gone through it.
— Brian Caferro, Senior Project Manager Perteet Engineering, Signature Class of 2018


Nominations are now open for LSC’s 2018-19 program year, and the reactions from nominees usually fall into a few categories: surprised, honored, excited, humbled, and curious. For those who decide to apply and are accepted into the program, it’s often a moment they remember with great gratitude. 

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Marista Lane (Young Professionals class of 2017), who works for the City of Everett,  didn’t know about LSC and is grateful to the co-worker who nominated her.

“I was at first surprised. I didn’t even know about the program. Then I was excited to see what it would entail and what it would consist of, and especially, getting to meet lots of new people.”

To the person who nominated her, she says, “I appreciate that, even though we don’t work closely together, you recognize my work in our city. Thank you for opening my eyes to this great opportunity.”

Alayna Gill (Signature class of 2017),  Coastal Community Bank, was also surprised to be recognized with a nomination.

“I actually felt shocked at first. I felt that no one saw that I like to lead within my community. Once I found out more about the program, the more I felt blessed because it was a way to be involved with the community as well." 


Thank you for seeing the potential in me as a leader. I have gained more confidence and self-awareness. I have learned a lot about our community and how much it affects me and my family. Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have met some people within my community that I would have possibly never had the chance to.
— Alayna GIll


Laura Knapp (Signature class of 2018) was nominated by Jan Schurman, her director at Providence Health & Services.  

“I feel honored that Jan demonstrates commitment in developing me as a leader, investing in my future, and that she views me as a leader in our industry," Knapp said. "Even though I have just begun the LSC program I have benefited greatly from the education, leadership development, and the relationships that have already been built with other professionals who are committed to improving the community in which we live.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to grow and develop this year.”


Nominations come in from co-workers, supervisors, and community members. Some professionals – especially entrepreneurs – nominate themselves. Some organizations have been enrolling their employees for years. Others are just discovering LSC. 

Leadership Snohomish County develops leaders for a lifetime, providing education and opportunities for people and organizations to strengthen our community. No other program is specific to Snohomish County. We use a strong curriculum with practical facilitation, weave in hands-on experience, and foster valuable connections.

In reviewing candidates, unique qualities, initiative, and desire are all considered, as well as leadership experience, in creating an engaged, enthusiastic class. 

To enter a nomination, simply complete a short, online form. It takes about two minutes.


I’ve been impressed with the opportunities that LSC provides to our staff who participate in the program. It is important to make leadership skill training and development available to leaders throughout Snohomish County.
— Jonalyn Woolf –Ivory, Sno-Isle Libraries