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Leadership Snohomish County (LSC) is a nonprofit that connects, ignites and develops county-specific sustainable leaders to strengthen our communities. Each year, we help experienced and emerging leaders in Snohomish County gain an understanding of the critical issues affecting the region and the stewardship capabilities needed to resolve them. Through our nine-month Signature Program and Young Professionals Program, we work in small teams with the business, government and nonprofit sectors as Community Impact Project Partners. LSC features more than 700 alumni who remain strongly invested in Snohomish County.

Inspiration from Local Leaders

What defines a community? It's not always what you'd think.

Getting Out Of My Own Way

Erika Olson

Marci Volmer.jpg

Marci Volmer
Signature Class of 2013
Area Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County



"I had always felt like an imposter of sorts."

My LSC story is one of building confidence and overcoming the fear of failing…otherwise known as getting out of my own way.

Although I have not had many of what I would consider major “flops” in my work life, I had always felt like an imposter of sorts. I could always “fake it ‘til I make it” but often didn’t try certain things. I was afraid that someone would discover that I am not smart enough, educated enough, or just plain not good enough to run with the big dogs.

Through the Leadership Snohomish County curriculum, education days, and impact project, I learned that I am not unique in this fear and that everyone who is anyone got there by taking risks. I have also learned to really take a look at what is important to me as a leader. Is it more important to be liked or respected?  Is it better to ask permission or beg forgiveness? And most importantly – what is really the worst thing that can happen?

The biggest benefit that I have taken away from LSC is that I haven’t gone away at all! I have stayed involved, sought out ways in which to serve, and have become an ambassador for the program. It is through this activity that I have made lifelong friends, invaluable connections in the community, and have laughed a lot.

Above: Marci Volmer (second from left) served as LSC's graduation event emcee in 2015.

Above: Marci Volmer (second from left) served as LSC's graduation event emcee in 2015.


Marci first became involved with LSC as an impact project partner for the famed Boys & Girls Clubs basketball court project. She was then accepted into the Signature class and graduated in 2013. After graduation, she joined the Young Professionals committee, then served as the chair for two years. Now, Marci is an LSC Board Member, serving on the Executive Committee and Graduation Committee.

We all have a story.

If you are an LSC graduate, please take a few minutes to share yours during this 20th anniversary year! Questions? Email alumni@leadershipsc.org.