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Leadership Snohomish County (LSC) is a nonprofit that connects, ignites and develops county-specific sustainable leaders to strengthen our communities. Each year, we help experienced and emerging leaders in Snohomish County gain an understanding of the critical issues affecting the region and the stewardship capabilities needed to resolve them. Through our nine-month Signature Program and Young Professionals Program, we work in small teams with the business, government and nonprofit sectors as Community Impact Project Partners. LSC features more than 700 alumni who remain strongly invested in Snohomish County.

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12th Woman goes to the Super Bowl

Erika Olson

Stacy Vance

Stacy Vance

Interview with LSC Alum Stacy Vance at Super Bowl XLVIII

LSC: The Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man is all about community. How did you end up at the Super Bowl and what has the community experience been?

Stacy: None of it would have been possible without having the best family, best friends and best bosses (at Sant McMahon) in all the land! The opportunity to purchase tickets arose via the season ticket holder lottery immediately following the NFC Championship game. I was on a plane to Melbourne at the time for a scheduled vacation to the Australian Open. Apparently, I do a lot of sports-related travel. I landed to a flurry of emails from my dad asking if I wanted the tickets and my lifelong pal Ryan – my partner in crime on this adventure – asking if I could get the time off from work. After getting the go-ahead from the office, I returned from Australia the next week to find all the arrangements had been mad. All I had to do was unpack all the summer clothes from my suitcase and replace them with winter wear.

As a longtime Seahawks supporter, the entire weekend was an amazing whirlwind. Never before have I given and received so many high fives, hugs and smiles from strangers simply for sporting a blue and green jersey! The enthusiasm was infectious. It made for two of the most fun flights I’ve ever been on. You hear a lot about the “Seattle Freeze”, but I didn’t detect any hint of it in New York/New Jersey.

LSC: What is your philosophy about life? What led to the choice to be at this historic game?

Stacy: I love to travel and, when I was younger, my grandpa taught me that to know the world, you have to see it. Incidentally, he’s also the one who introduced me to football and the Seahawks when I was a young girl. He had a passion for the team that extended to ruining many pairs of jeans. He would repeatedly slide out of his chair and onto his knees on game day when “his boys” would make a bad play. Grandpa passed away nearly three years ago and to honor his lessons and his memory, I knew I couldn’t be anywhere else on game day ... actually, thatwecouldn’t be anywhere else. I wore his wedding ring around my neck for the whole trip so he could be there, too. As an athletics enthusiast, going to a Super Bowl has always been on my bucket list, but being able to see the team I root for was remarkable. Watching them win was … well, I still don’t know that I have the right words to accurately describe it.

LSC: Share with us some highlights that you experienced on this trip.

Stacy: The entire trip was truly the highlight of a lifetime: the camaraderie, the jubilation, and the chance to spend a weekend in New York! I was fortunate to run into people I went to high school and college with who I haven’t seen in years, as well as make new friends simply because we sported the same jersey. (The jersey is 89 in support of Doug Baldwin – not one of the more common ones). I’ve neither been married nor had children, but when both of those things happen, I think seeing the Seahawks win their inaugural Vince Lombardi trophy will always rank just behind them as one of the best experiences of my life.